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erotická masáž

Erotic massage

Deeply felt relaxation, high-quality classic massage, sensual excitement and intoxicating release. This is the erotic massage you can expect. Completely as you want and wish. The masseuse can be totally naked or wear erotic underwear and stockings – it’s only up to you. Nude or seductively dressed, she will fulfil your desires and fantasies.

Before the massage itself, she will offer you a shower and will care for you, using her touches and uniqueness. She will use fine oil and fragrance emulsions, non-irritating and easy to wash off. She will treat your body, from the tips of your fingers and feet, over your buttocks and back, to your shoulders and neck. Subsequently, she will focus on your private parts, inner parts of thighs and erogenous spots, giving them sensitive massage to provide you with perfect experience. This can result in a delightful climax, supported by hand-stimulation performed by a skilful masseuse.

You cannot expect oral or standard sex in erotic massage – this service is not offered. Its aim is relaxation of your muscles and a sensual regeneration of your body, in a pleasant atmosphere and an erotically exciting manner, focusing on extraordinary genital massage and general treatment of your organism, possibly leading to orgasm, as you need. You will get rid of physical tension and mental stress, enjoying the targeted friendly touches of the masseuse’s palms and arms in a discreet environment.

Penis massage

Do you wish to be fully treated by the hands of your masseuse? Do you desire to be fondled in a pleasant position on your back, without any hurry, with an unforgettable experience inspired by the traditional Kama Sutra? Penis (lingam) massage is here for you. A gorgeous masseuse will focus on your manly genital organ, leading your through a charming paradise to the final ecstasy, in the form of a delightful orgasm with an ejaculation of pleasure with which you can adorn the skin of her breasts.

During massage, you will lie comfortably and, with passive expectations, you will let your masseuse’s fingers explore your intimate zone, pampering your feet, thighs, and finally your scrotum and penis. Using gentle but firm pressures, her palms will sensuously stimulate your testicles, not forgetting about any important place. The entire penis, both its root and acorn, will receive an intense fantastic dose of tantric touches. The purpose of this massage is intentional delaying of the climax, thereby multiplying the overall great experience.

The principle of this sophisticated technique lies in the desired suppression of the final emission. However, the masseuse can, of course, adapt to your wishes when it comes to the requirement for more orgasms during one massage. The resulting effect of regular penis massage is a significant improvement in health and overall male condition, but a one-time experience will also give you unusually strong satisfaction and unique experience.

Masáž penisu
masáž prostaty

Prostate massage

Discover the pleasure you have never experienced before, forget about embarrassment and shame, indulge in what you have secretly dreamed of. Try our unique prostate massage. The world-famous phenomenon that has rightly won its fans in the Czech Republic as well is a desirable supplement to other erotic massages. You will be in a very intimate contact with the masseuse who will actively focus on your butt, taking kind care. The masseuse will use a lubricant or fine oil to make sure that the procedure is perfect and painless. She will prepare your anus, massaging the sensitive perineum beneath the testicles, and release the tension in the loin and lower back.

In order to reach your erogenous spot, the masseuse’s fingers will wear a latex glove to ensure that the intimacy is accompanied by absolute and relaxed satisfaction and acceptance. You will experience an intense climax, objectively comparable to women’s vaginal orgasm – let’s call it the mysterious achievement of the male G-spot. Both the external prostate massage and its internal direct stimulation will take place in the form of gradual fine titillation, in an atmosphere full of excitement and harmony.

You can best enjoy prostate massage in the stomach position, but it is also possible to change the position as needed and, without worry, open floodgates to delightful moans and an original type of satisfaction.

Nuru massage

Those who want to taste the charm of the traditional Japanese ritual will indulge in an unforgettable nuru massage, as “oily” as it should be. The word nuru originates from Japanese and means slippery, which indicates the overall course of the massage, spontaneously and naturally wet, like an interplay of two naked oiled bodies. The benefit of this ancient proven method lies in the use of nuru gel, a natural substance with a unique composition of seaweed.

Before nuru massage, the masseuse will offer you to have a shower or bath , including washing of genital organs. Then she will apply pleasantly warmed gel, and your body will be pampered with the masseuse’s silky body. Body to body, literally – this is the essence of nuru massage. Nuru gel has a beneficial effect on human skin, it doesn’t cause unwanted reactions, it washes off easily, and it doesn’t have any pronounced odour. In addition to its favourable physical properties, it also has the ability to release mental tension, contributing to the overall well-being and, in combination with a seductive masseuse, it is an excellent way of relaxing in oriental style

Erotic body movements, slippery and sometimes unpredictable – that’s the attractive temptation that makes nuru massage so amazing. Nuru massage can include or end with your climax. Although oral or standard sex is not part of this massage, you will feel the flow of freshness, joy and satisfaction, with every spot of your skin.


Tantra massage

Soft caressing, gentle beauty of petals, subtle flames of scented candles, erotically charged atmosphere, both experienced touches and innocent tenderness. Welcome to tantra massage. Step out of the everyday routine of mundane life and indulge in the best – communion of physical and mental harmony. Enjoy the deserved care and the playful ingenuity of the masseuse that has mastered the ancient Taoist techniques and is able to energize the sexual energy in your body. With the help of your hands, as well as interesting aids (soft fabrics, feathers, fur, towels) and intimate atmosphere, the masseuse will achieve your full satisfaction, followed by long lasting feelings of pleasure.

The classic pressure massage, as well as the light fragility of subtle touches, exciting stimulation of the genitals. You will experience the combination of the elements of traditional healing massage and an unconventional knowledge of something new, although long present in you. You will uncover the dimension of extra-terrestrial perception, including the discovery of unsuspected sexuality of deep tantric breathing.

The ritual charge of the masseuse’s palms, as well as the inconspicuous tones of the background music, all this contributes to the overall effect of tantra massage, adding an unprecedented dimension to both your senses and your life. You will relax, drawing fresh energy and wishing to come back to our friendly studio for another fantastic impulse for your body and mind.

Erotic massage of the whole body, ending with mutual satisfactio

A topless girl, wearing a seductively revealing chemise, a light skirt or a dress that she hasn’t been able to put on completely ... She can also be totally naked – everything depends on your imagination and wishes. The time for erotic massage is designed to make you feel relaxed and will be full of eroticism to the degree you will enable and allow.

This inviting offer is here for anyone who wants to experience an unusual sensual feeling. Everything is about agreement, depending only on whether you want to indulge in an attractive striptease or engaging lesbian show, or watch exciting autoeroticism. An extra bonus can be a gentle golden shower, a popular part of exotic love play, as an attractively lascivious element you perhaps only dreamed of.

Erotic relaxing massage for couples

Erotic massage of both partners with the ending according to your wishes. The company of one masseuse ... or would you like two pretty girls? Everything is feasible. Mutual hand satisfaction or partner sex in the company of the girl who will engage as agreed before the massage.

Do you want to feel like in paradise? You will feel that way. All you have to do is express your wishes and desires. Come with your partner and bare your mind and body, as you please. Don’t be shy and forget about any embarrassment. Indulge yourself with a unique massage, visual and hand stimulation, passionate foreplay and relaxing ending.