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Our nice and beautiful Asian girls provide tantric erotic massages that can be enjoyed not only by men but also by women. It is our task and wish to make sure that all people who come to our studio feel comfortable here, and leave both physically and mentally revived and strengthened. This is enhanced by the interior of our studio – a welcome refreshing oasis in the midst of the exhausting grey of everyday life.

Our rooms are equipped with functional furniture in light colours, in harmony with the rich tones of other accessories. White innocent tenderness contrasts with the alluring red in the style of Asian wild flowers. The experience of massage is enhanced by silent relaxing music, and the effect is further intensified by the appropriate lighting, scent of candles, and a conveniently placed mirror. The comfortable atmosphere is complemented by practical items (a washbasin in each room, towels, bath towels and cushions), as well as more titillating aids, for variety’s sake and pleasant stimulation.

Perfect cleanliness, spotless bedding and regular cleaning are a natural part of our services. Privacy, tidiness, modern bathroom, unusual relaxation, relaxed satisfaction with an exotic masseuse – simply an erotic tantra massage as it should be.

3D tour of the studio